Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 134

This is a close up/macro of one of my dad's neck ties. I noticed the interesting pattern and that it would be a good photo subject. I love how the pattern of cubes gives an illusion of depth. To edit I applied a very slight orton effect to pull out some of the blacks and make the blues and yellows pop. I also adding dark edges to help enhance the detail in the stiches.

1 comment:

  1. Grace, I have been following your blog since day 1 and continue to be impressed with not only your photography but with your writing as well. As a photographer and as a photography instructor, I know that it is one thing to take and photo and another thing to describe the thought processes that go into good photography. And, as you say in your "About Me" page, blogging helps make you a better photographer. I have certainly found that true in publishing my "A Photo A Day" blog. I felt from the beginning that even if no one ever read my blog, it would be good for me to do.

    Congratulations on 134 excellent posts!

    Scott S.