Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 280; Hickory Tree

Today we had a gorgeous sunset. Unfortunately, the best of it only lasted a couple minutes. Even though I didn't get any good sunset shots I did get this one of a hickory nut tree with an old shed in the background. I liked the lines and textures in the shot, so to pull those out I used black and white. I loved how the sky and remaining snow are so bright, and to balance that out I used vignetting.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 279; Foil Curls

Back at Christmas time I needed a cardboard tube for a present. The one holding our aluminum foil was the perfect size. I didn't think there was much foil left on the roll, but it turns out I was wrong. I hastily rolled the foil back up loosely after extracting the tube. The roll had been sitting there every since, until today when I got it out for pictures. The texture of the crumpled foil was very cool, and it reflected the light and cast shadows to create a very interesting lighting pattern. I shot the photo in black and white, and then added some vignetting to finish the look.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 278; Beauty in Death

This was a flower back when it was warm out. Now it doesn't look much like a flower, but it's still very pretty and intricate. I loved the warm brown colors and I enhanced them to make them a little more vibrant.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 277; Snowman Figurine

While my last post was about summer, this one is entirely about winter. There hasn't been any snow recently, but there has been a lot of mud. So since I don't have any real snow to play in, today's photo is of a snowman figurine. The snowman was on a windowsill with some fake snow. The light from the window created a really nice natural lighting pattern. I loved the colors in the original shot so I didn't do much editing.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 276; Time Flies

It's been a very long time since my last post and I am incredibly sorry. A lot of things have been going on and I simply have not gotten around to it. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, because I know I sure did. This weekend it's been relatively warm, which has been great. It's made me wish summer were back though, so I dug out this old photo from the summer of 2012. My little brother Noah is holding a baby rabbit and was pretty happy about it. I didn't do too much editing to this back then, except for a scratch on his right eyebrow which I had decided to airbrush out. Now, it looks clumsy and kind of obvious, but back then I didn't know any better. I do love the natural lighting going on here.