Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 122

This is probably one of the most dangerous photos I've ever taken. I was outside the other day when I noticed 15+ bumblebees on the ironweed plant in my yard. I grabbed my camera and attempted to get a good macro shot. Several times a bee would buzz in my ear while I was taking the shot, sending me running in the other direction and leaving many blurry photos. This was the most in focus shot I got, though I think the flowers in the lower left hand corner are actually more in focus than the bee. To edit this photo I applied a few layers of faded black and white effects in order to get different levels of fading on the bee and flowers and the background. I also added slight dark edges to enhance the dark colors of the ironweed flowers that had not yet blossomed and the bee's black body and legs.


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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog Lisa! I'm so glad you liked this photo.